Are You Doing Your Part?

I understand you’re single but I’m sure you know someone that is too. Everyone has become so busy in their own lives that they sometimes forget about friends that are single. Generations ago single people never had to go to far from their homes. They dated people down the street, someone from school or someone they worked with. Ask anyone in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s they will tell you how they met their love. Now a days we don’t do that. Hell, we don't even know our neighbors anymore. Let alone help a single friend.

Perfect example, I’m at my Aunt and Uncle’s house and my Uncle’s daughter shows up with her husband. At some point the conversation goes into them talking about the daughter’s brother in-law. (no relation to our family/my Uncle’s first marriage) He moved back from LA a year ago and is single. I raise my arms in the air with a confused look on my face and they turn to me and say what? “He’s been here for a year and you never thought to introduce me to him??” All four of them say…oh yeah! We should! Why is it we never think about our single family members or friends?

So, my challenge to you is to play matchmaker and maybe your friends will play matchmaker for you. Meanwhile wear your Offline Connections Logo and keep talking to people because you never know, the next one might be the one!

As for me and the LA guy…I ditched him after third date which is one date longer then the longest! That’s an improvement, right?

Faithfully, Rita Jane

8 Dating Tips to make Men go Crazy!

#1. Flip Your Hair - No I don't mean Aero Smith style with an air guitar. I mean gently using your fingers and flipping a big chunk of hair to one side. Also, just flipping or sweeping your hair off your shoulders. Twirling your hair with your fingers is another hair move - it shows playfulness.

#2. Sweat - I know, I know, none of us want to sweat in front of a man but it is summer. But, think of this next time and you may want to. Sweating makes you glow in a man's eyes. Pheromones are released and natural instincts are sometimes irresistible for a man to control. Which means he will be asking for the next date before that one is even over.

#3. Glasses - Walmart: five bucks! I don't care if you don't need them. I will never understand it, but men love it! You obviously have to be in the right setting, but if they are just on your head or with your hair pulled back, it's perfect. When a man does start talking to you or just looking in your direction, place one of the ends gently in your month. Trust me, he won't walk away.

#4. Tiptoes - When we stand on our tiptoes, with or without high heals, our calf and thigh muscles immediately grab attention because it accentuates so well. It's another playful, fun movement.

#5. Messy Bun - This is one I have never been able to master. So many women do it very well. Again, this is a fun playful thing that men are attracted to, but I do have to warn you: too often and he'll think that you're just lazy and don't want to put in  the effort! Be careful with this one.

#6. Smell - This is a tough one. I did some investigating on this one. All men said they liked women that wore some type of perfume or scented lotion, but the answers to what kind and how strong of a smell was all over the board. So here's my take and what has always worked for me: I don't think you should be able to smell what I have on until I allow you to get close enough. It also makes that special move in, talk into my ear just a little more special for him. Trust me, he's going to want to move in over and over again just to get another wiff. It's also giving him an opportunity to compliment you on how you smell.

#7. Touch- When you don't know him it's that simple touch on the forearm or shoulder. When you know him a little bit more it's reaching up and fixing his hair, behind ear at top. When you do it use your fingernails and make sure he feels it! Second date at a restaurant or movie, just use your fingernails on the hairs of his forearm. Trust me, some men would let you sit there all day and do it. Completely puts them in a relaxation mode.

#8. First Move - Yes, I'm saying it! Make the first move. One of the sexiest actions a women can do is taking the initiative. The Offline Connections Logo singles are wearing is helping people meet, but for the singles it still hasn't reached, us women need to step up. Men today are more afraid to make a move. I had one man tell me he had a drink thrown in his face once. Another man said he's just afraid he'll get pepper sprayed. Countless others have been bashed so much that they just are afraid to say anything anymore! I'm not saying you have to walk up to a guy and say "how you doin' ?" in that Joey voice from our favorite sitcom Friends. I'm saying give the guys the Green Light! Eye contact for more then two seconds, soft smile, simple "Hi", or damsel in distress always works too. At the super market and you can't reach the top shelf? At Home Depot and your not sure if you should get this tool for your brother's birthday? Need directions to somewhere? You get it. Look around, don't be afraid and take charge!


Rita Jane

Don't Judge Me

We have all heard of the term "Don't judge a book by it's cover" but we do judge, assume, figure, or just think we know by looking at someone who they are, what they like. Is this fair? Of course not! Do we do it? Of course we do!  Has it happened to me? Yes! That's why I'm writing this blog. A really nice guy that I was attracted to frequented the same coffee shop I did. We talked multiple times but he never asked me out. After awhile I just figured he just didn't like me that way. Then about a week after Mother's Day I saw him he asked me how my Mother's day was (knowing that I'm a Mom) I said it was great. He then started telling me how he took his Mom horse manure for her garden. I asked "horse manure?" He replied "I have horses." I then started telling him how I grow up with horses and how much I miss them. As I was talking I could see his face light up! The first thing out of his mouth was "I thought you were a city girl!" JUDGED!

I do love the city but there is nothing like riding horse back especially with a guy. So the next time you are engaging with someone maybe ask some more questions. Get to know them before you assume or judge them before you dismiss them. They could be just the person you are looking for.

As for me and the cowboy? Let's just say I'm still the Lone Ranger!


Rita Jane

To all the Single Mom's on Mother's Day

Mother's Day is another one of those days were you think, if only I had a traditional family. My husband/father of my children would fix me breakfast in bed, children would clean the house, pamper me all day and get me beautiful gifts. Why wouldn't you get that? It's the one day of the year just about you! Your "Thank you Mom for another year well done!" I don't know about you but this was never my Mother's Day when I was married. This was never the case for any of my friends either. So, if you do know someone that does get this on Mother's Day you might want to find out if they have a single brother or ask her how she was able to train him so well.

Plan your day. If you have been following me, you know I just have one son. One of my very favorite Mother's Day was a day I packed a picnic and went to the lake. It was a little chilly but to be away from everything and it just be the two of us was perfect. Soccer ball, Frisbee, and a kite! No electronics! Think about what would make you happy and do that, it is your day! I just recommend keeping it simple. Bike ride, walk at the park, make a fort out of blankets and read together. If you really want to try something new and fun, my son and I used to go Geocashing. You can google it :)

Happy Mother's Day to all the hard working Beautiful single Mom's! May your day be as wonderful as my amazing son has always given me for the last 19 years.


Rita Jane


Our newest member emailed the company saying he wished he had known about our company sooner and he wished the women of his dreams had been wearing our singles pin three months ago. Let's call our new member Wayne. In the email Wayne tells me he is an attractive, divorced, professional that hasn't dated in 28 years. He was married for 26 of those years and now has been alone for two. Wayne wrote about how he really wasn't ready to date until three months ago when he saw Janet. Wayne walked into a specialty store and was completely blown away! He said he felt like a teenager again, a "babbling idiot," he called himself. He realized he had no confidence like he did years ago. He went back several times only to talk himself out of asking her out. She's too beautiful to be single, what if she laughs at me, is it inappropriate at her work?

Then one day she was wearing a Sabres hockey jersey. He love the Sabres! So, after three months of going into this shop and buying things he didn't need, he walked in with his two tickets and asked her to the game. Wayne was a month late! Janet had just met someone. She had then told him how she liked him the very first day he walked in and was always hoping he would ask her out.

To everyone reading this: this is why I created the logo, the singles pin. This is why we need to share and tell others about it. It is difficult in today's technological world to meet people. Technology does connect us together more, but when it comes down to intimacy and social connections, it is more difficult for us now. My Team, my Members, and I believe this is helping connect people...FACE to FACE.


Rita Jane

Trusting Men



I've been hearing from men that they don't need the Single's Pin. But yet the next sentence is "I don't know why I'm still single!!"

If you are the type of guy that doesn't have a problem approaching a girl, that's fantastic! You get shot down sometimes because we (women) don't trust anymore. You need to insure and re-insure us all the time. 

For starters, if you are wearing an Offline Connections Singles Pin it re-insures us that you in fact are single. If you had a girlfriend or you were married, we're pretty sure you wouldn't want to get caught with it. Yes, I said married! I once met a guy at Wegmans, we had this great twenty minute conversation. Then he asked for my phone number, and just before I gave it to him I asked, "You are single, right?" When he responded with "wellll..." I knew he was a dirt bag! 

Us women are dealing with dirt bags so you nice guys out there have a more difficult time getting us to trust.

That being said us women do need to trust more. I'm right there with you, I have a very hard to trusting and leaving my past in the past, but we have to! If we don't, we will become apart of the epidemic of loneliness growing in the United States.

Take a chance and let me help you,

~Rita Jane


First Date-No Chains!

     Red Lobster, Outback Steakhouse, Olive Garden, The Cheesecake Factory, Texas Roadhouse and Applebee's. All great restaurants, but NOT for a first date.

     The best line a girl wants to hear is, "I know this cute little restaurant with great reviews, but I haven't been to it yet." It tells her you did your homework and took the time to look for a great first date. In a woman's mind, it also says you've never taken another girl there, so it instantly makes us feel special. This shows her you like to try new things and in return, you will see she does too.

     The other reason a new place is a good idea, it gives you something to talk about right away. No awkward pauses! You can talk about the dinners on the menu your looking at. Then it's the pictures on the wall or the atmosphere. It's new and exciting for both of you.

     Just imagine her story! "He took me to this cute little place we both had never been. The food was just okay but we laughed and had so much fun there. We split a piece of chocolate cake, that was delicious. (It's hard to mess up cake)"

     Think about your story twenty years later, nobody remembers the food. It's all about the place and the laughs you had together. Oh, and the first KISS!!

Happy Dating,

~ Rita Jane

Resting Bitch Face!

I have a friend that is always complaining that she never gets approached by men. She is a complete knock-out! She has everything all of us girls wish for, beautiful long hair, gorgeous face, hourglass shape with legs a mile long. You would think guys approach her non-stop all day long but No! She has also been wearing her Offline Connections Pin everyday. She has it on her winter coat so it's always with her. Mine too!

Then I saw my friend from a distance at the mall. She didn't see me and I very quickly noticed that she was pissed! Really mad, to the point I questioned to even say hello. You would question yourself to if you were in a mall and your friend was an upset Italian.  Just then she saw me and a big smile came across her face. As we hugged I asked her why she was mad. She looked at me confused and I explained that I saw her from a distance. That's when it hit me! My beautiful friend was suffering from Resting Bitch Face.

It's a horrible habit but with time very curable.

1. Open your mouth just a tiny, tiny bit. If you look at most photographs of models you will see what I mean.

2. Suck on a Jolly Rancher, this makes you move your mouth in tiny ways.

3. Chew gum but a tiny piece. Do not smack it or chew like a cow.

Just be aware of you! Enjoy your Christmas shopping because hey, you never know! Oh and my friend, she gets approached more now!

Happy Shopping!

~Rita Jane


What love can do in a day!

My handsome nephew: tall, 26 years old, kind soul and a veteran for our country. He served in the Army, and went to Iraq and Afghanistan. My family prayed for him everyday. When he was done in the Army, he came back home and started working. He dated one girl for a long time, but I could tell he was never really happy. Several months ago, they broke up and he seemed to have become more depressed. He quit his job and decided to go back to college full time, which we thought, he'll be happier now. Nope! He slept all day, did his school work and played some video games, but never really got out of the house.

Last Sunday I had dinner with my brother's family. In came my oldest nephew slumped over, chin down, beanie pushing down his hair to cover his eyes. My brother was upset he was late for dinner and he replied, "I was sleeping," It was 6pm! I talked to him to try and cheer him up but it looked like he had enough of life.

Now it's Thursday, Thanksgiving. In walks the nephew I remember! Big smile on his face, standing tall, glowing with joy, and why? On his arm was a beautiful girl. They met on "Runescape", a video game! I guess people can play with strangers online from all over the world. They chatted on Monday through the game and exchanged phone numbers. He said they haven't stopped talking since. He fell head over heels and brought her to Thanksgiving dinner with our big family. She was delighted and very happy to meet everyone.

To all my single friends: have faith. You never know where or when you will find that special person that makes you glow again. To my nephew: enjoy.  You deserve to be happy and I love you.

~Rita Jane

What the HELL just happened?


Have you ever had that moment you see someone you don't know and your knees get weak? Your eyes meet and you think they can see into your soul!?

I'm walking in the mall with my sister, having a great time. We spent 45 minutes in Yankee candle sniffing candles, looked at Michael Kors purses that we couldn't afford and walked through Build a Bear wishing we were younger again. As we headed down the escalator, there he was! Button down, long sleeved, pinstriped with pink, yellow, blue, vertical and horizontal lines shirt. His sky blue eyes met with mine and he smiled gently, like we were old lost friends. I smiled back as I could feel my body get warm. And just then I realized as he passed me he was going up!! I was going down!! If we were in the movies he would've jumped over the handle and fell onto my escalator, grabbing me into his arms and happily ever after! What did happen is...I got to the bottom and looked up to find him looking down at me. Then people got in our way and we got pulled away, never to be seen again. So, like I said "What the HELL just happened?"


Was he married? Is he in a relationship? Why did he look at me like that? Did I sniff too many candles? What was that feeling that came over both of us? Well, at least came over me anyway. Was that a chance meeting that I missed out on? Or he missed out on because he didn't want to take a chance and run down the escalator to find me. Would he have taken the risk if he saw my Singles Pin on my shirt? Does he know about the Singles Pin? No, he wasn't wearing one :(


Someday, people will wear the Singles Pin like married people wear a ring. Someday that perfect person that catches you off guard, will stop and take a chance because he knows you are single just like him.


~Rita Jane

Is this new? Are we really doing this?

I was at a dealership with my mom and brother today. Four hours into it, my Mom is finally buying a car after two weeks of looking. Thank goodness! (I really don't like car shopping.) During our time there, I meet one of the team members of the dealership. We were both happy that my mom made a decision and we just started talking. He was handsome, funny and was dressed impeccably, which is key in my book. I know he was working and he had to dress that way, but he had style. Pinstriped suit tailored just right, no wrinkles in his shirt, and a belt that didn't look like it was chewed by a dog. (Why do men keep their belts for twenty years? Seriously guys, it shows. Anyway, after talking for 20 minutes, he asked what I do for a living. I show him my singles pin on my jacket and tell him about my company. He says, "I need a pin!" and asks, “You're Single?" He then tells me he thought my brother was my husband! First, yuck. Second, if more people knew about the singles pin the conversation would've been a lot different, right away. He was happy to hear that there is a different outlet for him, other than online. Also, he was happy that I said yes to having a drink with him sometime. (And so am I ) He said he had to get back to work AND THEN THERE IT WAS!!!! THE FIST BUMP!!! I laughed and said I don't fist bump, and asked, why are men doing this? He laughed and said “I don't know, because men are douchebags?” As his fist is still facing me he says, "Come on!" With his smile, I couldn't leave him hanging, and I did my first fist bump. I don't believe men are douchebags, they just sometimes don't know what to do.

I have to say I completely disagree with the fist bump. We are not one of the guys, nor should we be treated that way. I know it's just a cute gesture, and if we are watching the Yankees, and they hit a home run I’ll high five you, but no fist bumps. Are we as women doing "guy things" just to seem like we can be like one of the guys? I'm sorry but I think I can speak for most of us that we still want to be treated like ladies. That being said, we need to stop acting like men and act more like ladies.

In closing, just be you! If you are a guy that wants a girl that is one of the boys, then attract that. If you are girl that wants to be treated like a girl, then attract that and don't accept anything less.
~Rita Jane

FYI...Fuccilo in Grand Island has amazing people that will help you get what you are looking for at the best price!! A HUGE thank you to them.

I did it!

I never walk into a bar alone...ever! But the Yankees were playing and it was a do or die game last night. So, I freshened up my make-up and  I put on my blue and white, zip up, form fitting, Victoria Secret, (way too expensive, had to have it) Yankee jacket. Before I walk out the door I made sure I put my Singles Pin on my right collar because you never know if Mr. "I love baseball too" might be there.

I park my car and stared at the front door. It's pouring out, not just raining, but pouring! And it's cold, very cold. I hate the cold. It would be easier just going back home, curling up in my warm bed and listening to the game online. What if they lost? I would miss the last game of the year. What if they won? I can't miss that! What if Mr. "I love baseball" is in there sitting alone?

So, I took a deep breathe, opened my car door and ran for the door. I nervously walk into the bar, starring at the TV the whole time. Took an empty chair at the bar and ordered my drink. I didn't look around until the first commercial break. There were only two other women in the bar and they were with guys. The rest, all men! This proves my point most women don't sit at a bar.

I did have a great night and did meet some nice people. No, I didn't meet Mr. "I love baseball too". But, I always have a good time watching the Yankees. We all need to make an effort to get out of the house. Try to find what motivates you. For me it was the Yankees but maybe for you it's a great band, the best wing place, or a place that you know that puts a little extra whisky in your drink. That always gets me!

So, I'm here to tell you I did it and you can too! Get out there, stop spending time alone.

Oh and the Yankees won :)

~Rita Jane

7 Things men immediately notice about women on a date

1. Your Smile.  Bright, warm, and a genuine smile on your face when you meet.

2. Punctuality. Know ahead where you are going and how long it will take to get there. Be early! 

3. Your Eyes. A lot of words that go unspoken are communicated through eyes.

4. Your Manners and Attitude. Men will take notice of how you treat others.

5. Conversation Skills. Be smart, confident, and easy going.

6. Arrogant. Don't talk about yourself too much. Show interest in learning about him.

7. What you choose to wear. This always shows how important the date was to you. Do not show up in yoga pants!