I did it!

I never walk into a bar alone...ever! But the Yankees were playing and it was a do or die game last night. So, I freshened up my make-up and  I put on my blue and white, zip up, form fitting, Victoria Secret, (way too expensive, had to have it) Yankee jacket. Before I walk out the door I made sure I put my Singles Pin on my right collar because you never know if Mr. "I love baseball too" might be there.

I park my car and stared at the front door. It's pouring out, not just raining, but pouring! And it's cold, very cold. I hate the cold. It would be easier just going back home, curling up in my warm bed and listening to the game online. What if they lost? I would miss the last game of the year. What if they won? I can't miss that! What if Mr. "I love baseball" is in there sitting alone?

So, I took a deep breathe, opened my car door and ran for the door. I nervously walk into the bar, starring at the TV the whole time. Took an empty chair at the bar and ordered my drink. I didn't look around until the first commercial break. There were only two other women in the bar and they were with guys. The rest, all men! This proves my point most women don't sit at a bar.

I did have a great night and did meet some nice people. No, I didn't meet Mr. "I love baseball too". But, I always have a good time watching the Yankees. We all need to make an effort to get out of the house. Try to find what motivates you. For me it was the Yankees but maybe for you it's a great band, the best wing place, or a place that you know that puts a little extra whisky in your drink. That always gets me!

So, I'm here to tell you I did it and you can too! Get out there, stop spending time alone.

Oh and the Yankees won :)

~Rita Jane