What the HELL just happened?


Have you ever had that moment you see someone you don't know and your knees get weak? Your eyes meet and you think they can see into your soul!?

I'm walking in the mall with my sister, having a great time. We spent 45 minutes in Yankee candle sniffing candles, looked at Michael Kors purses that we couldn't afford and walked through Build a Bear wishing we were younger again. As we headed down the escalator, there he was! Button down, long sleeved, pinstriped with pink, yellow, blue, vertical and horizontal lines shirt. His sky blue eyes met with mine and he smiled gently, like we were old lost friends. I smiled back as I could feel my body get warm. And just then I realized as he passed me he was going up!! I was going down!! If we were in the movies he would've jumped over the handle and fell onto my escalator, grabbing me into his arms and happily ever after! What did happen is...I got to the bottom and looked up to find him looking down at me. Then people got in our way and we got pulled away, never to be seen again. So, like I said "What the HELL just happened?"


Was he married? Is he in a relationship? Why did he look at me like that? Did I sniff too many candles? What was that feeling that came over both of us? Well, at least came over me anyway. Was that a chance meeting that I missed out on? Or he missed out on because he didn't want to take a chance and run down the escalator to find me. Would he have taken the risk if he saw my Singles Pin on my shirt? Does he know about the Singles Pin? No, he wasn't wearing one :(


Someday, people will wear the Singles Pin like married people wear a ring. Someday that perfect person that catches you off guard, will stop and take a chance because he knows you are single just like him.


~Rita Jane