Is this new? Are we really doing this?

I was at a dealership with my mom and brother today. Four hours into it, my Mom is finally buying a car after two weeks of looking. Thank goodness! (I really don't like car shopping.) During our time there, I meet one of the team members of the dealership. We were both happy that my mom made a decision and we just started talking. He was handsome, funny and was dressed impeccably, which is key in my book. I know he was working and he had to dress that way, but he had style. Pinstriped suit tailored just right, no wrinkles in his shirt, and a belt that didn't look like it was chewed by a dog. (Why do men keep their belts for twenty years? Seriously guys, it shows. Anyway, after talking for 20 minutes, he asked what I do for a living. I show him my singles pin on my jacket and tell him about my company. He says, "I need a pin!" and asks, “You're Single?" He then tells me he thought my brother was my husband! First, yuck. Second, if more people knew about the singles pin the conversation would've been a lot different, right away. He was happy to hear that there is a different outlet for him, other than online. Also, he was happy that I said yes to having a drink with him sometime. (And so am I ) He said he had to get back to work AND THEN THERE IT WAS!!!! THE FIST BUMP!!! I laughed and said I don't fist bump, and asked, why are men doing this? He laughed and said “I don't know, because men are douchebags?” As his fist is still facing me he says, "Come on!" With his smile, I couldn't leave him hanging, and I did my first fist bump. I don't believe men are douchebags, they just sometimes don't know what to do.

I have to say I completely disagree with the fist bump. We are not one of the guys, nor should we be treated that way. I know it's just a cute gesture, and if we are watching the Yankees, and they hit a home run I’ll high five you, but no fist bumps. Are we as women doing "guy things" just to seem like we can be like one of the guys? I'm sorry but I think I can speak for most of us that we still want to be treated like ladies. That being said, we need to stop acting like men and act more like ladies.

In closing, just be you! If you are a guy that wants a girl that is one of the boys, then attract that. If you are girl that wants to be treated like a girl, then attract that and don't accept anything less.
~Rita Jane

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