What love can do in a day!

My handsome nephew: tall, 26 years old, kind soul and a veteran for our country. He served in the Army, and went to Iraq and Afghanistan. My family prayed for him everyday. When he was done in the Army, he came back home and started working. He dated one girl for a long time, but I could tell he was never really happy. Several months ago, they broke up and he seemed to have become more depressed. He quit his job and decided to go back to college full time, which we thought, he'll be happier now. Nope! He slept all day, did his school work and played some video games, but never really got out of the house.

Last Sunday I had dinner with my brother's family. In came my oldest nephew slumped over, chin down, beanie pushing down his hair to cover his eyes. My brother was upset he was late for dinner and he replied, "I was sleeping," It was 6pm! I talked to him to try and cheer him up but it looked like he had enough of life.

Now it's Thursday, Thanksgiving. In walks the nephew I remember! Big smile on his face, standing tall, glowing with joy, and why? On his arm was a beautiful girl. They met on "Runescape", a video game! I guess people can play with strangers online from all over the world. They chatted on Monday through the game and exchanged phone numbers. He said they haven't stopped talking since. He fell head over heels and brought her to Thanksgiving dinner with our big family. She was delighted and very happy to meet everyone.

To all my single friends: have faith. You never know where or when you will find that special person that makes you glow again. To my nephew: enjoy.  You deserve to be happy and I love you.

~Rita Jane