Resting Bitch Face!

I have a friend that is always complaining that she never gets approached by men. She is a complete knock-out! She has everything all of us girls wish for, beautiful long hair, gorgeous face, hourglass shape with legs a mile long. You would think guys approach her non-stop all day long but No! She has also been wearing her Offline Connections Pin everyday. She has it on her winter coat so it's always with her. Mine too!

Then I saw my friend from a distance at the mall. She didn't see me and I very quickly noticed that she was pissed! Really mad, to the point I questioned to even say hello. You would question yourself to if you were in a mall and your friend was an upset Italian.  Just then she saw me and a big smile came across her face. As we hugged I asked her why she was mad. She looked at me confused and I explained that I saw her from a distance. That's when it hit me! My beautiful friend was suffering from Resting Bitch Face.

It's a horrible habit but with time very curable.

1. Open your mouth just a tiny, tiny bit. If you look at most photographs of models you will see what I mean.

2. Suck on a Jolly Rancher, this makes you move your mouth in tiny ways.

3. Chew gum but a tiny piece. Do not smack it or chew like a cow.

Just be aware of you! Enjoy your Christmas shopping because hey, you never know! Oh and my friend, she gets approached more now!

Happy Shopping!

~Rita Jane