First Date-No Chains!

     Red Lobster, Outback Steakhouse, Olive Garden, The Cheesecake Factory, Texas Roadhouse and Applebee's. All great restaurants, but NOT for a first date.

     The best line a girl wants to hear is, "I know this cute little restaurant with great reviews, but I haven't been to it yet." It tells her you did your homework and took the time to look for a great first date. In a woman's mind, it also says you've never taken another girl there, so it instantly makes us feel special. This shows her you like to try new things and in return, you will see she does too.

     The other reason a new place is a good idea, it gives you something to talk about right away. No awkward pauses! You can talk about the dinners on the menu your looking at. Then it's the pictures on the wall or the atmosphere. It's new and exciting for both of you.

     Just imagine her story! "He took me to this cute little place we both had never been. The food was just okay but we laughed and had so much fun there. We split a piece of chocolate cake, that was delicious. (It's hard to mess up cake)"

     Think about your story twenty years later, nobody remembers the food. It's all about the place and the laughs you had together. Oh, and the first KISS!!

Happy Dating,

~ Rita Jane