Our newest member emailed the company saying he wished he had known about our company sooner and he wished the women of his dreams had been wearing our singles pin three months ago. Let's call our new member Wayne. In the email Wayne tells me he is an attractive, divorced, professional that hasn't dated in 28 years. He was married for 26 of those years and now has been alone for two. Wayne wrote about how he really wasn't ready to date until three months ago when he saw Janet. Wayne walked into a specialty store and was completely blown away! He said he felt like a teenager again, a "babbling idiot," he called himself. He realized he had no confidence like he did years ago. He went back several times only to talk himself out of asking her out. She's too beautiful to be single, what if she laughs at me, is it inappropriate at her work?

Then one day she was wearing a Sabres hockey jersey. He love the Sabres! So, after three months of going into this shop and buying things he didn't need, he walked in with his two tickets and asked her to the game. Wayne was a month late! Janet had just met someone. She had then told him how she liked him the very first day he walked in and was always hoping he would ask her out.

To everyone reading this: this is why I created the logo, the singles pin. This is why we need to share and tell others about it. It is difficult in today's technological world to meet people. Technology does connect us together more, but when it comes down to intimacy and social connections, it is more difficult for us now. My Team, my Members, and I believe this is helping connect people...FACE to FACE.


Rita Jane